Thursday, August 30, 2007

Service, my ass.

Ok, I ask you this:
If you ordered a beer, paid full price for it, and got only half a beer in return, you would complain, right? You'd be all, "Hey, I ordered and paid for a full beer, and you are only giving me half, what's up?"
So what would you do if you ordered a full beer, paid for a full beer, got half a beer, and then when you complained they just shrugged their shoulders and said "Everyone is only getting half a beer right now, we are having problems in the company and you will just have to deal with it for a while."
You'd go somewhere else for your beer, wouldn't you?
Now exchange "beer" for "train transportation"....which is only provided by one company in and around Oslo, and you can see that I have a definite problem in getting to work these days.
So I am going to write them a letter. The one i mail them will be more formal, but here is the gist:
Dear NSB....
Regarding your train scheduling problems:
Trains are always late, these past few months, they don't run in snow, cold, hot or rain, or when the signals are down. Now it's lack of employees. Excuses excuses! I should not be penalized because you did not plan your employee hiring more efficiently. It should not impact my day to day life that you can't hang on to the employees you have. I pay VERY HIGH prices for my monthly train card (over 200USD a month) and for that I expect, at a minimum, trains to be at least within 10 minutes of their scheduled time or a clear and prompt explanation of why this is not happening if problems do crop up. If you can't get enough people to drive the trains, how about offering some bus services? Finding alternatives to transport us around? Having tea and biscuits on the train platform to placate your many pissed-off customers?
If you can't get the trains to run on time, if you are going to make me wait 40 minutes for late trains both to AND from work, I expect some sort of discount, rebate, or ass kissing apology. . Not only are you wasting my time, you are also losing me money from time I am missing at work. I am going to charge you for the time and money I am losing because of you. Since I basically employ you, it seems only fair that I dock your pay, no?
So, NSB, I am sending you a bill for this month, in which I will request a rebate of 600 nok (half my train fare for the month) for bad service, half performed promises, and time wasted by you. I appreciate a prompt response, and a promise that you get your shit together ASAP. You may be my only travel option, but that does NOT mean I need to stand by and just accept the status quo.
Best regards,
The Texpatriate.

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