Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NIN wardrobe decided

OK, so I think I have my wardrobe issues figured out for NIN at Oya festival tomorrow. I have been working different angles, and sort of waiting to see what the weather would do. Looks like it will be warm, possibly even hot! I need to balance grown up sophistication with Goth, practical with edgy. Since it is an outdoor festival and I'll be walking alot, I can't really wear heels. Also, nothing dry cleanable, for obvious reasons.

But I think I have it figured out. Black lace edged slip under a finely crocheted cotton spider webby dress, all knee length and narrow fitting, with a very wide black leather corset belt. Black leggings and my over the knee pointy toed yet miraculously flat leather boots. Just a little medieval in mood. (So I can get medieval on someone's ass if they mess with me!)

I'm hoping it will all be comfortable yet just edgy enough to make me feel NIN-y. Or whatever. I mean, I've always listened to music on the darker side, and I've always been an inner Goth, reading anything vampire or sort of occult, etc., but never wore it, really, as I don't like to assign myself only one look. There ARE the occasional days I don't feel like black. But tomorrow? Tomorrow is definitely a day to show my inner darkness.

Thanks to everyone who emailed or posted suggestions!

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