Wednesday, September 13, 2006

third time proud!

I am happy to announce that i am a god mother for the third time! (Not a god mother in the "godly" sense, mind you, but more in the "Oh, God, let the kid hang out with Aunt Karla, maybe she'll explain the birds and bees so we won't have to" sense. Hey, I take what I can get.)

Anyhow, Julia and Heather have had their son, Griffin, yesterday. Griffin weighed a bit over 9 lbs. Heather did end up having a caesarean, but for all intents and purposes, as I heard last night, mother and baby are doing well and Griffin already knows how to feed like a champ. Julia (my pal since I was five years old) is stunned, happy and already worrying about how to keep the germs and dirt out of the house and away from "the Griff".

I better learn how to play football...I'm gonna have to teach him or at least watch it with him.....the kid's gonna be a big 'un!

My other two godkids are Bookhart's Wonder Boy and Her Majesty......and prouder of them I just could not be.

The only thing better than being a godmother is being a grandmother, so I hear.......

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