Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm scared

Watching TV is scaring me. If this is really how most Americans are thinking, Houston, we have a BIG problem. My parents live in quite possibly the most conservative state in the country. They test market ads for the Republican party here. Between those and the ads for the stores selling used Bibles and religious materials and "inspirational music" and the ads for churches looking for new members, it's taking away my joy at seeing American tV.

The worst ad, the one that infuriates me to a point that I can hardly breathe, is one by this "advocacy group" called Progress for America. I am not even going to give them the benefit of a link from my blog. Just go find them and that horrendous ad will show first thing.

Seen it? Oh my GOD! Can we say progaganda and fear mongering? It is the most biased, insular, zenophobic piece of shit I have ever EVER seen.

Yeah. I know. I can hardly watch tv. And my parents have this very advanced big screen system and like, 6 remotes? So here we are, all hollering, " Change the channel! Turn it down! Make it stop!!" whenever that hideous ad comes on and Mom and Dad are picking up three remotes each and pointing them at various media appliances and they only succceed (because they couldn't find their reading glasses along with the remotes and so can't see what buttons to push) in getting the suround sound on louder and the ad getting bigger and I am under the sofa keening in agony at the term "islamo fascists" which for fuck's sake isn't even a real word, y'all!

And then the evening news comes on and here's all these people talking about 9/11 (which was tragic, don't get me wrong) and how they won't fly even domestically because they are too scared and how those evil muslims are out to get us and how we as 'murcans must stand together and be strong and support our president and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

And then they talk about GWB and show that clip of him where he says "Islamo FASCHISSHTs" and his wet icky lips go flappy in the breeze around a word that he has practiced probably 12,000 times with Karl Rove, et al, so that he could get it right and that he STILL can't pronounce.....maybe because it's a made up word and shouldn't be used at all?

And believe me when I tell you we are NOT watching Fox news, this is just the regular ABC/NBC/CBS stuff.

One of my long time favorite songs is the one by David Bowie and Trent Reznor "I'm Afraid of Americans". That song is alot more meaningful now......

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