Wednesday, September 13, 2006

gauntlet thrown down

Mags (and sorry I cannot link...but for some reason, on my mom's computer? I can't link. However, look at my link list and there Mags is.) has thrown down the haiku gauntlet.

Thus I present: Haikus to the lower parts of my body.

Skinny jeans. Big ass.
Something here does not look right.
Ack! Crack escaping!

My knees are frowning.
They are 20 years ahead
And groan frequently.

I'm sure this mirror
Is a lying sack of shit.
My hips aren't that big.

My scale hates me too.
It's in league with the mirror
To mess with my head.

My waist is tiny.
My ass is bootylicious.
My thighs? There's the rub.

I throw the gauntlet at Bookhart. Wait, I mean I toss the gauntlet before her. I'd also like to see Bonnie throw out a few......And Amamgets. I bet you'd come up with something fun........

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