Friday, September 01, 2006

Birthday fairy

I got a larger than normal haul of birthday cards on my birthday, and it seems the birthday fairy was at work.

Just wanted to tell everyone thank you for taking the time and energy to send me a card all the way out here to Norway. You know who you are, and just wanna say: THANKS!

I really appreciate it.

In other news, seems like summer (or shall we say "weather that is not cold") is hanging on here for dear life, and I also would like to give a shout out to the weather fairy for a glorious warm and sunny summer here in the North of the world. Summers like this are what summer is all about, and has done alot to restore my faith in Norway, a place that should be as beautiful as this all the time. When you live in a giant photo opp, it's only right that the weather cooperate.

Right. Now I am going to watch season two of Veronica Mars, that my dear friend Julia (late of Oslo, now in Houston) has sent me. I was willing to trade sexual favors for it, but she agreed to send it to me without either of us having to do anything we would regret. Nice to have wise and altruistic friends such as she. Also, neither of us is actually gay, and so sexual favors weren't much of a temptation for her. Or me. So it all worked out for the best. Even though she does have an Angelina Jolie quality about her......

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