Wednesday, September 20, 2006

rising above

Sorry I have been such a lame blogger of late. You know how sometimes the world just decides to make you its bitch and you just sort of have to go with it? It's kind of been like that. Everything's ok, in general, just a sort of low ebb that has cast me into a time of thinking and pondering. We all have those at times. My mom (and my aunt and probably my good friends too) would be telling me to stop thinking and just go out into the world and BE, and I am slowly working my way back to that now. In fact, my aunt bought me a book entitled "Women Who Think Too Much" but I haven't read it yet because, well, I think it might be too thought provoking. How's that for a conundrum?

Anyhow, the world is carrying on in its inexorable movement forwards. Fall is slowly gaining its hold on Norway, and today is one of those perfect crisp clear days you get sometimes in Texas. You know, right after that first Blue Norther runs through and blows away all the heat and guck and just leaves you with "Ahhhh'? It's like that outside. So, I am going to grab the iPod, go for a walk and wander away the thoughts and worries.

However, I did want to leave you with one thing:

While I was in the US this statue(?) appeared in the plaza outside our flat. I am of two minds about it.

First mind is: Aw how cute. And up close, it's really pretty because that mottled texture is actually tiny bits of mirror and porcelain all mosaic-ed into the surface. The kids love climbing on it and it is so Bambi/Creatures of the Forest cute.

Second mind? Holy shit that thing is EVIL. Is it a rat or a deer? See the eyes? The empty, alien slanted eyes? I bet those things glow red at night and suck in the life force of any thing that passes by. It is aimed directly at our flat...I am sure this is why I am so tired. And you see the innocent child sitting so delicately and trustingly in its paw? If you take your eyes away from that rat/deer/alien, for even a second, that hand pops up to the statue's mouth and it opens into a nightmarish slavering maw that EATS CHILDREN whole. But it's all done in a time warp sort of thing so that no one can see it because it happens too fast, yet scarily slow for the victim, so that the child is in an endless hell of getting its legs and arms eaten off. (Like that time in Buffy? Season 6? Where she had the tiny pin on her? That made time warp and flash but no one noticed it but her? Because the Triumvirate were trying to fuck with her head? Yeah, like that.)

I swear, I leave for a week and the forces of cartoon evil come to my doorstep. It's. Looking. At. Me.

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