Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yer My Obsession

A little while back Bookhart did a post about her obsessions. As I am sorely lacking in things to talk about and need a little structure for today's post, that seemed a good idea to follow. So, forthwith, my obsessions.

"Comfortably Numb" Scissor Sisters. That song is all over the UK and damn, me likey.

SexyBack, Justin Timberlake. He used to be my closet obsession, but I'm out of the closet now. What a great ass shaking song. And so hot. But am I the only one who just doesn't GET the video? (Actually, apparently I am not.) There's too much going on and too many people and I have NO idea what's happening. I'm thinking it's a spy something? I'm confused.

Project Runway. Can't get enough. (Note, I linked to the PR fan site as the Bravo site sucks big fat donkey dick...I hear alot of folks call it Blahvo.)

Norwegian Boller. (Quit yer sniggering.) Boller are these little buns (QUIT IT!) that you eat for breakfast or a snack. Yeast rolls, slightly sweet, with a hint of cardamom. I especially like them when they are jus a tad underbaked. Floppy, bready and oh so yummy with coffee.

My iPod. The more I use it the more I can't be without it.

On the iPod, I love Penn's podcast. That is one opinionated, but funny guy. He's charming, smart and very Libertarian, which I agree with in many ways. He's also very "keep yer religion off me, please" which I find VERY comforting in this strangely fundamentalist age we are in. I'm so TIRED of religion pitting against religion, and all of them trying to convert everyone, so Penn saying "Hey, me atheist so don't eventry it" is oh so nice. However, I will admit that I can't listen to Monkey Tuesday. Monkeys freak me out and a whole hour dedicated to them is a bit much for me. To me, all monkeys are Bad Monkeys.

Losing ten lbs in two months. Dudes, I'll tell you what, I've got the motivation now and its SO gonna happen. I've totally got abs of steel already. I'm totally stealth buff. You know what stealth buff is, don't you? It's when you are in seriously good shape, with ripped abs, and one of those dimpled butts, and those muscly arms like Madonna but you have this layer of flab over it so other people don't feel bad that you are so buff. See? Stealth buff. I've been stealth most of my life. I finnd it's easier to go stealth than to show the ripped physique to everyone. I find it slows conversation because they just can't concentrate on what they are saying. Madonna? she's not stealth. She's just buff.

Dior Capture D-30 face cream. Cuz I don't really have a problem with wrinkles (yet) but I do have some sun damage and this crap is supposed to be the magic bullet. "Out Out damn'd spot. Out I say!"

Mac Powerpoint eyeliners
. I now have 7 of them. They come in lovely colors. They rock. When I left London via Heathrow they were making all the women deposit any lipsticks, eyeliners, etc, in a bin for destruction before security, because of the concerns about women's makeup blowing up airplanes. I'm all "fuck that! These things cost me 13 bucks a pop! so I sort of snuggled them through in the bottom of my purse. I mean they are wooden pencils for Crissakes, how will they find them in security and think they are other than, well, a pencil? So I took the chance, and did not turn them in and they went thru fine. Sorry, a girl's gotta have her eyeliner.
(By the way, when I left Norway? Apparently my underwire bra was a security risk as well because, dudes, I literally got FELT UP by the chick with the beepy wand. I mean, she felt every bit of my breastular area. I told her that if they outlaw underwire bras at airports they will have a woman's riot on their hands. It's bad enough they are taking our makeup away, but possible floppy breast syndrome is NOT acceptable. AND there was NO WAY in hell I would take my bra off for extra searching, if it was coming to that. Luckily, the beepy wand gal had a sense of humor and just laughed and said that no, she did not think they would make underwires illegal, for then she would be in trouble too. I really only have two rules when it comes to going through airport security: I will not bend over for ANYONE and I will not allow skin on skin contact.)

Summer. I am obsessed with the passing of summer.

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