Tuesday, September 26, 2006

that's just wierd.

Yes, I spell wierd wrong. I've never been able to spell it right and now the right way looks wrong to me so I just go with it.

But that's not the topic of this post. Don't get me confused. Where was I?


I, just now, for the second time so it must be true, saw Dustin Hoffman in a TV commercial for Kapp Ahl. Kapp Ahl is a sort of a cheap family clothes store kind of thing. And there he was, complimenting a woman getting dressed in the morning on her impeccable taste in chosing a 199 kroner vest to wear to work.

Since when did Dustin Hoffman start doing commercials for schmatta? Does he do ads in the US for, like, Mervyn's or something? Cuz that's what he's doing here!

In other news....I finished watching Season Two of Veronica Mars. I cried like a baby watching that last episode. When the kid *bleeped* the *bleep* and she thought her dad was on it? OMFG! I cried. ('bleeps' added to avoid a spoiler. I have a friend who will borrow the DVD from me and I refuse to tell her what's happening. She can google it herself. She's sneaky like that.)

I think overall I liked Season One better, because there is more Veronica and Logan action (God Logan is HOT, he plays "in love" like nobody I have ever seen, every girl wants to be looked at like he looks at Veronica) and the story feels tighter and less confusing.

Though..... perhaps Season Two had more shirtless Logan, and that is something I can really get behind. Or, um, in front of. Or, hehe, under? Whatever, I think he should always be shirtless. oh yeah.

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