Sunday, July 02, 2006

not really fair....

Hi y'all.

I'm on antihistamines. It's really cool. Like, WHEEE! Look at me float! And it's also cool to have it with beer. Beer and Benadryl....that's AWESOME.

Ok so today I think I have finally figured out that for the first time in my life...I have allergies. If allergies are:

Eyes so itchy and runny that you want to pluck them out. The skin around your nostrils itching like nuts. An itch deep inside your ear that makes you twitch, but there is no way in hell you can scratch it unless you, like stick an ice pick into your BRAIN.

Oh my god I am in hell. I make it to within 3 years of 40 and I get allergies NOW? Crap.

Also, it's HOT outside! It's like, 85 or something. That doesn't seem so bad, BUT we are on the top floor of a brick apartment building with metal roof and all glass walls. No air conditioning. And the sun shines, like, 18 hours today. So, it's hot. And I am itchy. And hot. And I want to remove my eyes and douse them in water. Is that possible...?

Today I went to the July 4th festivities in Oslo. I don't know why I go when, honestly, I am sort of disappointed every year, though I am not sure why. I mean, there's burgers and hot dogs and we had burritos (sort of) this year. I had popcorn and a really good cinnamon roll and there were dogs and classic American cars. Maybe it's because I expect all the Americans I meet to just be a bit more fun or outgoing. It's not that they are not nice, but I feel sometimes it should be hugs all around and "Woo! American! Hi! How are YOU?!" I always think that as expats we should all be sort of joined together in expat-edness, but it's really all just people and the usual normal peopleness. I never really get that "Hail Fellow Well Met" feeling. There's no cool bonding or high-fiving or anything. Maybe I miss the fireworks. Maybe I want nachos and funnel cakes and Indian Bread and cheap beer. (Actually, that's getting closer.) Maybe my runny gummy eyes and red nose just scared people away......

I did meet up (briefly) with a friend of a friend who will probably be moving here. (Hi Tony and Susan!) Once I saw him again I totally recognized him. I'm going to meet up with him again tomorrow after his final job interview and my first real (again) day of work, to show him a grocery store and go on a walkabout Oslo. I'll show him both the scary stuff (food costs) and the good stuff (pretty scenery EVERYWHERE) ...must be balanced.

Is this post even at all interesting? I think not.

yeay Benadryl! hey! I'm sleeppyyyy.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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