Thursday, July 27, 2006


Seems it's puppy season. (No, you sick fuckers, I don't mean for hunting.)

After Jaye's experience with puppies running in to her house, I, just today, got attacked by a little English Springer Spaniel puppy. In my office at work!

There I was, doing my work thing, and the cute little guy ran into the doorway of my office and let out a little puppy growl. I turned and looked at him, and he made a beeline for me, waggling his tail and making little puppy snarly barky noises and being all cute wiggly puppy like. He got his little teeth stuck in the lace at the hem of my skirt, he breathed puppy breath all over my face, he chewed my earring (of course I had to get down on the floor and roll around with him), he bit my nose, and he made little "oof oof" fat puppy belly noises when I picked him up. I rubbed his belly and he cycled his feet like dogs do when you give them a good belly rub.

I'm totally in love.

My heart melted. I am a dog person, always will be, and a puppy just totally and completely stops me, whatever I am doing, for some belly rubbin' luvin'. There's no resisting it.

Turns out the little cutie belongs to a guy down the hall, he's puppy sitting. Cool office if you can bring in your dog!

The only thing better than puppies running into your house is one running into your office! I'm totally cheered up. Jaye's right, it's the best therapy in the world. It should be office policy to bring in puppies once a week for a good romp and roll in puppy land.

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