Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birds and endorphins....ah the rush.

I just got back from a workout at the gym. I'm in a post-gym high.

Ever notice how similar post-workout and post-coitus are? All I know is that after either of those activities, I am relaxed, euphorial, sweaty, thirsty, and want a cigarette (which I manage to resist) and a shower. Also, for either of them, if you don't do it, it's easy to continue not doing it, but once you start up again, whoa nelly, it's addictive. Ever notice that?

But that's not actually what this post is about, though I am sort of glowy and drinking a big ol' glass of water and will, after this post, take a shower. The gym is un-air-conditioned and it's humid as hell outside. And no, I did not have a cigarette.

Um...where was I. Oh. Yeah. Gist. Stick to the gist of the story, Karla.

This morning we were awakened by a bird that flew into the bedroom. Which makes for an interesting study of different reactions to such an occurence by two people, namely, Him and Me.

Me: I heard a scritchy flappy noise. I opened my eyes and saw a little bird right under the window, flopping on the floor and fluttering its wings in a panic. "AAAAIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! A BIRD! IN THE HOUSE!!!! AAAIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" I dove under the covers as far as I could go because I did not want it to get into my hair. The idea of bony little bird feet touching me WIGS ME OUT.

Him: Jumped out of bed. Approached tiny frightened creature. "Aww, it's a little starling. Hey little guy. Go on out....go on. It's ok. The window is right here". Like a freaking nature TV guy, he gently guides the bird out the window and it flies away.

Me: "Aaaaiiieee!!!???? Is it gone? Is it? Did you touch it? I've totally been afraid that would happen."

Him: "Ya big dork. Come out from under the covers".

If a bird flew into the house and I was alone, I would seriously just have to close off that part of the house and hope it found its way out, because I really could NOT deal.

Which once again goes to show you, for mine own self? Nature is fine and good, but I don't actually want to TOUCH it or anything. Eek.

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