Monday, July 17, 2006

Austin Call to Action

I got this email this morning, and am posting it on the blog because it's IMPORTANT. Lloyd Doggett is the ONLY Texas politician who I trust. He's always responded quickly to my questions or concerns. I've met him many times. He's been great for Austin for many years and for those of you in his district who read this, I URGE you to help him out with either a yard sign, volunteer time or a donation. I would love a yard sign, but just don't think it would be very effective here in Norway......(Links or commentary added are my own.) Please help where you can!


Personal Message from Lloyd Doggett:

On Friday, those Republicans that now control our State have filed a congressional redistricting map that alters my district for the third time in five years. The map would pair me against San Antonio Republican Rep. Lamar Smith in a Republican-leaning district. Also, about half of Travis County is moved into the Republican-leaning district of San Antonio Rep. Henry Bonilla.

What Tom DeLay vowed to do -- redistrict me out of Congress, this sorry map is drawn to achieve. Recall it was DeLay's aide who wrote in a key strategic memo: "We must stress that a map that returns . . . [Lloyd] Doggett is unacceptable and not worth all the time invested in this project."

What some extremist Republicans cannot achieve at the ballot box, they scheme to achieve through re-re-redistricting. Enough is enough.

In short, I need your help right now. I need to prepare now for a difficult race. Please let me know by responding to this email (address is if you can help in the following ways:
___ Yes, I can volunteer my time
___ Yes, I would like a yard sign
___ Yes, I can send a contribution

You can mail your checks to "Lloyd Doggett for Congress" to:

Doggett for Congress
PO BOX 5843
Austin, Texas 78763

Or you could simply donate on-live by visiting my website:

Please help me meet this latest challenge.

The federal court that will choose the new map is the same one that previously approved the DeLay gerrymander. If it adopts any new map changing my district, it will cancel my primary victory earlier this year, and force me into a special "open primary" election in November, with a runoff, if needed, in December. Or it may force me into a new, earlier primary – even before November. While much is uncertain, what is certain is that I need your help today.

Too many of my House Democratic colleagues have already been eliminated by Tom DeLay's congressional map that cut and sliced communities across Texas .
Please help me continue to be our voice in Washington against extremists who are running an arrogant, unaccountable, one-party government.

I would also appreciate it if you would forward this request to others who share our vision of America .

Very Truly Yours,


P.S. To help me update my mailing list, please provide me with your address, the best number(s) to reach you, and the email address you prefer I use.

Corporate checks cannot be accepted. Contributions to Doggett for Congress are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal law requires that we collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in an election cycle.

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