Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A progression of photos from the evening of the World Cup.

The first arrivals. Notice the scooter at the crosswalk...they were the very first to appear.

After five minutes. The smoke is from this SMART guy who would rev his motorcycle while holding the brakes so that the rear tire smoked on the pavement. His motorcycle is going to last a long time with that sort of treatment. He was totally redlining it.

Me about 15 minutes into the festivities. We were that close.

Looking down towards the train station....the crowds just kept coming.

People would set off fireworks right there in the crowd. Fun to watch, but must've been a bit scary for those close by. Or maybe not...they were all on a World Cup winner's high. I've never seen so many happy people in one place....

Directly beneath our window.

Looking up the street towards Bergamo Alta Citte. (Old city.)

Here's party central, in its usual state. Notice the Old City up on the hill? It's GORGEOUS.

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