Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In which it's proved my freakiness is genetic

Story my Mom told me:

She and Dad headed down to Houston to visit my brother to check out his new house and for his house warming party. They also got to meet his new girlfriend for the first time.

Mom was having a nice time at the party, chatting with my brother's friends, many of whom she has known since they were kids. (She (and Dad) are the kind of parents that our friends will actually go visit on their own, without us. They are pretty cool, usually.) So, anyhow, she's chatting in the kitchen with some of Kit's pals. She looks through the door into the living room and sees my brother and his girlfriend engaged in a rather long kiss. Mom excuses herself from the conversation, sneaks up on the young lovers and sticks her face right into theirs, yelling "SUCKY FACE! SUCKY FACE!" in her Marlene Dietrich meets Heidi Klum German acent.

This is a true story. Told to me on Saturday in laughing tones, by a woman who once pinned me down on the ground using her freakishly strong German arms and dropped spit trails over my face, only to suck the spit back up at the last second. I screamed and screamed and fought..... but she is STRONG and I only succeeded in dislodging the spit wad. Into my face. By then she was laughing so hard she ran out of spit (and the control thereof).

I was 26 at the time.

It all explains SO much, doesn't it?

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