Tuesday, July 04, 2006

google search wierdness

Oh my god, you guys!

I mean, I know I get the wierdest searches leading folks to my site, but wow...it's getting really fun now. In the past 100 visits alone, here are some of the wierder of the search terms leading people to Tales of a Texpatriate:

womanly under foot goo goo
penis beach
karla wonder (well, duh! Of course that would lead to you my site!)
womanly goodness
hanna small waist big tits
you touch my tra la la my ding ding dong
true glamour (I am sure they were disappointed when they got this from their search)
Loch ness monster (I get lots of these for my famous Loch Ness photos. I found Nessie, you see.)

And for some reason, I am getting ALOT of hits relating to Robbie Williams, specifically a photo of him that is not even posted on my site. I'm not sure what is going on. People image google Robbie Williams, and they find a pic of him in a kilt, that sends them to my site. Try it! You'll see! But that photo is not even on my site? What is up? Why is google sending them here?

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