Monday, July 24, 2006

hot summer!

We have had the BEST summer so far. It's been hot. Like, 85 degrees in the shade hot. Sweaty, can't sleep at night because we have no A/C and there is no frigging breeze hot. Karla wears shorts and t-shirts and doesn't need to worry about a sweater hot. Tanning, sweating, going for walks, wishing we had a swimming pool hot. Convertible hot. For, like, a month now!

Today we have thunderstorms rumbling around, and it's humid and there is NO breeze and it totally reminds me of Texas. I'd drinking a drink with crushed ice, cranberry juice, some grenadine and Grey Goose Orange vodka (thanks Kate!) and it's cool and refreshing as hell.

I've been wearing nothing but skirts and tank tops and sandals. I am loving it. I figure, hopefully we have another month of this gloriousness........


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