Friday, April 28, 2006

More scenes from Luang Prabang

I took something like 1000 pictures on this trip. If y'all are getting bored with them, well, you might wanna just skip my blog for a while!

Besides, I don't really have much to write about for day to day stuff. It has been cloudy and cool here in my little part of Norway the past week, I've started working out again and the job is still on hold. We are trying to figure out the next batch of travel, but first i sorta have to pay for some of my previous might be a few weeks before i have something interesting planned. So, in the meantime, more pictures of exotic destinations past.

Rear view of monks walking away after the alms ceremony. I have tons of monk pictures, that flash of orange is just so picturesque. Look how tiny they are! Just boys!

A woman sitting on a side street in Luang Prabang, sorting rice and feeding chickens. Chickens (and puppies) were EVERYWHERE. No worries about avian flu here, apparently. Isn't that a beautiful cock? (huh huh..)
Luang Prabang is slowly but surely being touristified, but you can find side streets like this where life goes on as it has for hundreds of years. They were just building the nice brick streets during our visit, they have been dirt up til now.

Phousi massage? No, really, thank YOU!

I had to have a picture of this. This was our bathroom in Luang Prabang. Notice the plug right next to the shower head? It was for the bathroom outlet. To plug it in you had to stand on a wet tile floor! I called it the Shower of Death.....zzzzaapp!

People setting out their wares for the night market. The night market in Luang Prabang ROCKED. It was small enough to be intimate, large enough to keep you occupied every night for at least an hour or two. First night you went to get familiar with what was on offer, 2nd night to see what the best stuff was for the price, third to start bargaining. It took over the main road in town for about half a kilometer, right in front of the 'palace'. Unfortunately, the folks on motorcycles were not blocked out and so you had to be careful not to get run over or burned by the tailpipes of stupid kids on motorbikes riding not 6 inches from the items on offer. Between them and dogs, chickens, people and kids running around, it was a crazy scene.

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