Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My parents are hipper than me

So here's my mom, at the airport, waiting for a flight. That's her sending me an email. My dad is taking the picture, which he then downloaded onto the computer at the airport and included it in the email that my mom was sending me.

My parents are more up on the technology than I am! They have outpaced me! Dad's got the house all Mac-ified, with wireless everything, and a lap top for Mom, and the newest spanky desktop Mac for Dad (the one where the computer is in the flat screen or something?) and they are sending me pictures from the freaking airport!

I remember just 6 years ago trying to explain to my dad how email was different from a fax. How it didn't need paper. And how the internet was different from TV. You didn't change channels, you went "online". Looks like he learned pretty damned fast, eh? I still don't have a digital camera!

My parents are all grown up now...I'm so proud of them! And a bit jealous......

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