Monday, April 04, 2005

Dateline NBC, April 13th...look for me!

All y'all in the US:

Look for me on tv on April 13th on the news show Dateline NBC. I was on a walking tour today, Legal and Illegal London, a tour of the Inns of Court, and a news crew caught up with us. They wanted to film a portion of the tour that talked about Temple Church featured in the book The Da Vinci Code. The segment should be quite short, if it makes it at all, but if you do see me, I will be standing a bit behind a fairly annoying blonde girl in a red sweater. (I only say she was annoying because she was blocking me from the camera, damn her! And she was from Montreal and sounded just like Celine Dion, which was a bit annoying in its own right, as who thinks Celine Dion sounds the least bit charming, really?) I will be seen with fuzz-tacular hair, my funky glasses, a brown leather jacket (check out my cool new camel/brown purse, girls) and black pencil skirt and boots. I always dress up a little in London, for some reason. I did manage to put on lipstick before they filmed.

So, mark yer calendars for a glimpse of your favorite multi-national traveler-blogger, April 13th, on Dateline NBC, the bit about the Da Vinci code and tourism.....

And someone can you tape it and send it to me if it does show????

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