Saturday, April 23, 2005

Friday Q: Pets


FQ1: Any pets as a kid?
German Shepherds. Anywhere from 2-5, never less than 2 at a time. We had a big back yard, and lots of garage space for them. I don't remember a time without Germies, growing up. They all had German or American Pseudo Porn names, like, Schlingel, Muschi, Big Boy, Playmate, Teddy, Flumpy, Heidi, Ginger. The ones I had myself were Beaufort and then Kaiser.
Even now, when I see a German Shepherd, I have to firmly resist running up to it and hugging it. Seeing a big furry Germy is like seeing a familiar face, you know? I can't help myself, I adore the breed. Other dogs leave me cold. One of my favorite smells in the world is puppy breath, you know when you pick up a fat little 6 week old puppy and its breath smells of milk and baby doggie? Aaawww......

FQ2: Any pets now?
No. Had to give Kaiser away when we moved. Sigh. He got adopted thru Austin German Shepherd Rescue, which was where I found him. My parents still have their pack of dogs, right now including Ginger, Teufel, Flumpy andthey also have a shitload of guinea hens and chickens. My brother has a cool ginger cat named Skeeter. (He had to give his Germy, Flumpy, to my parents, when he had to move.) But Skeeter is kind of like a miniature Germy himself. He plays fetch and kicks ass.

FQ3: Name your favorite famous pet from television or movies.
Rin Tin Tin or Flipper. That dog on Frasier, Eddie, he was kind of cute, but no Germy!

FQ BEST FRIEND: If money and legality were not a barrier, what exotic animal would you like as a pet?
A tiger. One of those white ones. Honestly, though, just give me another big, beautiful Germy. Sigh.

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