Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Aww, shucks.....

A comment I got regarding one of my posts:

havent larfed so much in ages - found the blog by accident and read and read tourist-suckage-two-electric-bugaloo.html it's better than watching Bridget Jones.
Gonzo blog are you the re-incarnated Hunter S?

chris (UK)

I am just telling you now that Chris, whoever you are, as I could not get to your website, you totally made my day.

My mom always tells me I am very Bridget-esque, (image of me stumbling about wrestling wtih wayward undergarments comes to the forefront of the mind) but the Hunter S? Aw, you're just stroking my ego but good with that one....

But don't stop!

Seriously, thanks. Thanks v. much. I'm blushing.

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