Monday, April 11, 2005

Head full of stories

After our trip to Scotland I have decided to reread one of my all time favorite series of books. The "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon.

Have you read them? (And girls, this mostly means you. Boys might like them, but I think there is enough romance (and really great sex scenes) in them that it's mostly girls they appeal to.)

Aren't they wonderful? Her style of writing has directly influenced mine in many ways. Plus I love the fact that her heroine has wild curly hair that just won't be good and a fairly down to earth and sarcastic sense of humor, which I think I also have.

Anyhow, I realized, after being in the Highlands, around Inverness, Edinburgh, Loch Ness and Ft. William, that I had just been to many of the places that figured so largely in her books. So I decided to go ahead and reread them. I am happy to say, they are as affecting the 10th(?) time as they are the first, plus now I can visualize the places she writes about and read the Scots accents as they are meant to be "heard". This is quite thrilling for me.

I am a fast reader, and am on the third one now, though I must admit I am doing not much else but reading. My dressing room (read: tiny little useless bedroom that I now stuff my wardrobe into because it's too damn small to actually hold a bed) is a complete tip, me having not unpacked yet from London (or Edinburgh for that matter). Clean, dirty and 'not sure' laundry is tossed about in mad confusion. I promised Rich I would straighten it, but with a mess like that, procrastination sets in something fierce and it's going to take some really loud music and a bit more energy than I have right now to tackle it. For I am also nursing a slight sniffle and scratchy throat. *sniff* *koff* See?

So obviously, for my health, I must continue to stay curled up on the comfy chair (not the soft cushions!), sip tea, and read. It is a quite lovely day out and I actually have the windows open a crack. It's about 60 or so outside.....positively warm.

Back to my books and another world....

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