Saturday, April 30, 2005

Friday Q (done on Saturday, oops!) Tasty

FQ TOPIC: Tasty.

FQ1: Your favorite sweet food? When did you last have it?

I recently discovered Dutch Stroopwaffels, these crispy waffle cookies (like a waffle ice cream cone?) with a filling of caramel. Put one over the top of your cup of coffee and the heat makes the caramel soft and gooey. Mmmm.... I brought about 10 packs back from Amsterdam. They also put chocolate sprinkles on their buttered's EXCELLENT! The Dutch know how to eat their sweeties. (Oh my that sounds kind of bad, doesn't it?)
My sweet cravings change with my moods. Almost every morning for the past 10 (yeesh!) years I have had a vanilla mocha. Without a coffee place around, I make my own now. I'm pretty good at it!

FQ2: Your favorite salty food? When did you last have it?
Chips and salsa, nachos, French fries, Walker's Crisps, Kettle Chips, popcorn. I'm a snack whore.

FQ3: Your favorite sour food? When did you last have it?
Sour cream. Yesterday.

FQ EDIBLE: What's the best thing you've ever tasted? The most horrible thing you've ever tasted?
Best thing I ever tasted. Hmm. I had some truly excellent Vietnamese food in Amsterdam. That made me REALLY happy, as Vietnamese food is one of my absolute favorites.
I crave the Bob Armstrong Dip and Shrimp Tostadas Compuestos at Matt's El Rancho in Austin, and when I finally do get them, it's hard for me to sit still or eat without moaning, because it's so GODDAMN good.
I also had one of the most wonderful desserts EVER in London at the Admiral Codrington. Sometimes food is better than sex. You can do it in public and pay someone else clean up the mess!
Worst thing I've ever tasted. Umm.....I can't think of a specific dish, though the taste of chicken fat makes my skin crawl. Usually it comes down to how the food smells. If it smells fishy or gamey, I'm right off it. I've gotten some bad beef here once, that was nasty. I've SMELLED lutefisk, and that is enough to tell me that it would be the most horrible thing I ever tasted, if I deigned to do so. I guess my good food memories outweigh the bad......

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