Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just the facts ma'am.

» How do you feel about being naked?

Nekkid...huh huh huh. You said nekkid.

Well, I am a big fan of clothes, when they fit, but I like me nekkid too, so really, no problems with it. Though, admittedly, some bits of me have never seen the direct light of the sun, more from fear of sunburn than anything else. I am really, really white.

I don't mind other people's nekkidity, either, though it seems like it's always the people you DON'T want to see nekkid that ARE nekkid.

» What is something scientists need to invent?

Well, one thing I have wanted to create lately, though I am FAR from a scientist, is a pill called "Bitch". Maybe an herbal/vitamin supplement, for those "not so patient" days. Imagine all the men in the world saying "Honey, have you taken your Bitch today?" And you, as the girl, slope off and ingest your nicey pill. Aaahhhhh......

Men, you get the corollary pill, "Butthead". When you take it, it makes you listen to the women around you, think reasonably, and makes you not look at tits all the time. It also supresses the "fart mechanism" all men possess in such abundance.

» Who do you blame for your mood today?
At various times today, in durations ranging from minutes to whole parts of an hour, I have blamed: Sloth, hormones, the sun, the cold, the bureaucracy of the Norwegian government, a really rockin' Gary Numan cd, the great feeling of acceleration in my car, and hunger. Moody? Me? Nah.

» What should we do with stupid people?
Put them all together in one ginormous burlap sack and let them figure out how to escape. They won't, of course, that being the point of the whole exercise, no?

» If you could.. Who would you kill?
Can the Secret Service get me out here if I say You Know Who and his Evil Accolyte the VP, with a maiming and/or immolation of Rove?
Mariah Carey kinda sucks, now that I think of it.
Otherwise, I would not mind a go at the guys who cancelled Firefly.

But actually, I am basically a non-violent sort, so let's pretend that "kill" means to "give them the finger, but in a really nasty way with extra pointy emphasis, sharp gestures and general flippy movements and stuff".

I stoldeded this meme from Ben.

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