Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Friday Q

Yeay! I'm actually here on a Friday to do a Friday Q!

FQ TOPIC: Foolish.

FQ1: Something foolish you've seen...
My experiences at the American Embassy yesterday are pretty high in my thoughts right now.

FQ2: Something foolish you've heard about...
Oh man, how about this news about the American spy system being "dead wrong" about Iraq? I'm not a spy, but even I knew that. I just *knew* that this back pedalling would happen, and something would come up whereby GWB could distance himself from his own decision and his propaganda making process. I love the way GWB is now blaming it on the "intelligence". Right. Sure. Uh huh, like you even tried to see another side of it or question the results? Oh, it just chaps my ass, he is the biggest fool in the world.

FQ3: Something foolish you've done recently...
Honestly, at times I think my whole life is nothing but an incessant string of tomfoolery.

FQ FOOLERY: Tell us of a memorable moment where somebody fooled, punk'd, or pranked you!
I usually tend to be the punk-ee rather than the punk'd. Surprising Jennifer on her birthday in January was pretty cool.
Oh, though there was the time, on my 30th birthday, when Margaret B and a bunch of Austin friends threw a "surprise party" for me. Well, of course I found out about it (this being why I am normally the "punk-ee" and not the "punk'd"). So I went to the party and acted all surprised, and thought, "Gee what great friends to go to all this effort for me. I love them!".

I walked into the kitchen for a beer. My brother was there and said hi. Huh? He lives in Houston. Whafuck? Well, he drove in for the party. My brother rules.

I went into the back room to get ice. There was my friend Anne, whom I had not seen for months and was pretty damn pregnant AND lived in Houston as well. Huh? She had driven in for the party as well. Wow, they like me, they really like me!

I went back into the kitchen, as I had drank that first beer pretty fast with all the surprises....and there was Julia, my best bud from kindergarten, who had flown in all the way from San Francisco for my birthday and no one told me!!!! I burst into tears.

That was pretty cool. I might have found out about the party, but they surprised me nontheless, and in such a great way. I enjoyed that party alot.

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