Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More uses for cats.

I do know a cat that is fairly useful. He's no slouch in the "helping Mom around the house" arena. His name is Earl, and he belongs to Karla May.

Ever helpful, this is Earl cleaning the floor. He really puts his back into his work!

Being an Austin-liberal, earth friendly cat, with a vegetarian Mom, Earl knows he needs to help with the recycling

Earl helping to dust the shelves. He's slow but thorough.

Earl watching the Daily Show with John Stewart. He likes to keep up with current events.

Earl helping unpack the groceries. You saw him recycling the bags already. Good Earl!

Here, Earl is guarding the backyard and helping to aerate the grass with his claws. His Mom is pretty busy, and he knows boys should help with the gardening.

Earl is going to be a big brother. Here he is modelling his future "sister's" hat! The pink does not bother him. Unlike many boys his age, he has no problems with his sexual identity. He knows he is all man!

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  1. OMG!! Love this. Thank you for sharing this little reminder of the best kitteh evar.


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