Sunday, September 28, 2008

bullet post update

Things are pretty crazy so I'll do a bullet post to catch you up.
  • Flight from Norway to Texas was very nice. BA actually treats you like a human, and I was in World Traveller Plus, a sort of economy extra, which gave quite a bit of extra legroom and nicer service, so it was a pleasant flight. The plane wasn't full and they kept giving me champagne. I had no complaints.
  • Arriving in Houston I was a little perturbed by how authoritarian and almost paranoid the signage seems after laid back Europe. All these big signs announcing "border protection" "customs protection" and so on. Feels like a police state.
  • My rental car is a Toyota Prius. Wierd! I kind of like it though it's a bit anemic for power. You really have to floor it to get up some speed. They originally offered me a Chevy, and I have to admit I don't like Chevys so was happy to get the Prius. The back seat has more space than the front, which is a bit odd. Rich keeps complaining about his legs. I might make him sit in back.
  • I haven't driven in about a year, so it's wierd to be behind the wheel in this intense Houston traffic. Everyone goes so FAST.
  • I have SO SCORED at the outlets here. Burberry dress and sweater, for like 90% off, a nice basic Coach bag for 50% off lowest price, my favorite shower gel from Lancome that was 1/6th of what I usually pay (I bought 6), and two dresses from Max Azria that are so awesome. And that was just my first shopping day!
  • Have so far eaten fried chicken (ohmyfugging GOD it was good, you just can't get fried chicken in Europe that's worth a shit), mexican food twice, an amazing Vietnamese meal with about 40 courses and beer.
  • Mmm...beeer. We did a 'tour' of the St Arnold's brewery in Houston. By 'tour' I mean, you show up, pay five bucks, you get a half pint glass and four tokens (with the option of buying a full pint glass if you wish) and then a guy stands on a ladder and talks for a half hour about beer. There were about 1000 people there, all holding their glasses ready for...the tasting! I was actually interested in hearing the guy talking about the brewery, but the noise level of the people was so loud I couldn't concentrate and so gave up and held my mug expectantly with everyone else. It's not a big building, and it is crammed with beer making apparatus, so once you've walked around and seen Moe Larry and Curly (the fermenters) you then go get your 4 free yummy beers. I focused on the brown ale and the wheat. They also had a nice Oktoberfest, and all their other styles.
  • My mom always impresses me with her beer palate. She is where I got my love for the darker, heftier beers. She and I snorted (laughing) our way through quite a few of the browns and the wheats. She also liked the Oktoberfest as well. Dad, on the other hand, is a certified beer wimp, lager is as exotic as he gets. Luckily my German side holds my beer genetics.
  • We also sampled their root beer, which was INSANELY good. Apparently they use one pound of sugar per gallon of root beer! Holy crap! I was craving a root beer float like nobody's business, and I don't even like them!
  • After all that beer I needed a nap.
  • Then we ate more.
  • Today my brother gets married. Congratulations Bro! I love you!

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