Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin sucks, H&M rules, and sadness as Austin changes AGAIN

Bullet post on stuff in ma heid.
  • I'm sorry, but I seem to be very confused by Sarah Palin.
  • I only just heard the news on coming back from England and I'm still kind of WTF?
  • First of all?
  • I sort of can't stand her.
  • Do the Republicans really think I would vote the Republican ticket merely because she, like me, has a uterus?
  • I don't know about other women, but I tend to vote with my BRAIN not my reproductive organs.
  • Speaking of which, OMFG is she backwards or what?
  • She supports everything I am against.
  • I do, however, love the irony of her supporting abstinence education, with a 17 year old daughter who is knocked up.
  • Cuz, yeah, abstinence TOTALLY works, doesn't it?
  • If she were a Democratic candidate, the Repubs would have a FIELD day. Yet since it's a Republican, it's all about family values and choice. Oh it just sickens me how they twist stuff around.
  • The Republican party is so freakin' hypocritical I can't even believe it.
  • Oh, and they say OBAMA doesn't have enough experience, yet they bring in this snowbilly as their VP choice, who's only left the country, like three times in her life and has NO national experience? WTF?
  • Ok ok ok enough of that. I'm getting soapboxy.
  • I am sad about this.
  • I used to work right next door, and ate there ALL THE TIME and can honestly remember the exact smoothness and tastiness of their guacamole.
  • When I come back to Austin it's gonna be a whole 'nuther city.
  • Oh, speaking of which, Dave at Blogography is going to be in Austin on October 3. If you are in the area and are a blogger and want to meet up that evening for Davestin, email him at dave at blogography dot com and he will be in touch with more info.
  • Or just ask me about it.
  • Yes, I'll be there as well. Blogorama baby!
  • Yesterday I went shopping for a dress to wear to my brother's wedding.
  • In that goal, I was unsuccessful.
  • However, H&M and Zara?
  • Totally scored there.
  • H&M has a section (only at select, larger, stores) called Trend and it's stuff that is a bit out of the ordinary, experimental, a year or so ahead of current stuff in stores, and really good quality.
  • It's also a tiny bit more expensive, but, like, 100 kroners more or so.
  • I ALWAYS find stuff there that I love.
  • I check it out 2-4 times a month.
  • Lately? What I've found?
  • Incredible wasp waisted full skirts a la Dior New Look.
  • I got some in summer in cotton and yesterday got two in a heavy wool felt.
  • The skirts are incredible with deep pockets and very fitted waists. It's perfect for my body type (think Marilyn, with a few extra chicken dinners.)
  • Add the full skirted coat to match and the cute short military style jacket I got at Zara and you have a happy girl looking forward to Fall.
  • I also got trousers that are wide legged, fit at waist and look very Hepburn in the 40's, which is also my ideal trouser silhouette.
  • I heart H&M.
  • It's been raining non-stop today.
  • Sigh.
  • (sleeeep)

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