Sunday, September 14, 2008

We pause from obsessive watching of Mad Men

I'm taking a little break from searching for Joan on Mad Men.

It's been an interesting weekend. Today is Lazy Sunday to give me a chance to recuperate from the week. It's 12:50 and I am still in my jammies, go me. I am doing laundry as the pile is huge, about 8 loads worth. All mine, not towels or anything. Coffee hot and strong in the kitchen, Mad Men on pause, me and the computer catching up on what's happening and scouting for more news on Hurricane Ike.

Seems like my brother made it through ok, some downed limbs and he's a bit annoyed that the cover blew off one of his cars (hurricanes tend to do that). I called him at 9am his time yesterday and he was just scouting the damage. I think he'll survive. Now the remnants of Ike are heading directly to my parents, so this hurricane obviously has it in for my family.

Friday afternoon I met with the chiropractor and had my first treatment. My x-rays were fine, no disc problems or anything, I have a healthy back that is just a little misaligned. A bit freaky, this sudden 'manipulation' of my back. A short sharp pop and it's over. One crack on the lower and one on the upper and you're outta there. I can barely even get the breath for a yelp. More like "Yiiee....?" and we're done. I can honestly say that my back already feels better, especially the upper portion, which has given me quite substantial discomfort for a couple of years now. That will take a little time to work out. The lower back pain is gone.

Friday night I went out with some work folks, I promised Rich and everyone from my usual pub crowd I'd be back around 7, but as usual, I somehow lost track of time (or maybe the champagne had something to do with it) and managed to stagger back home on the train at 12:30. Oops. We ended up at a place called the Palace Grill, sort of a divey joint, seems like alot of expats go there, and the middle bar was cranking out some really awesome 70's groove funk R&B. I don't know about you, but when my ass feels Parliament on the turntable there ain't NO turning back and it was booty shaking time. (Thanks to the chiropractor seems my booty is back in fine shaking form!) The aquavit was very smooth. So were the grooves.

Wanted a late start on Saturday, but hurricanes in Texas and husbands preparing for international flights interfered, so got up around 8 and glued sticky smelly self to CNN for live storm coverage. Also kissed husband goodbye as he flew off to visit his mom in the US. I'll follow later this month. I was not a pretty sight after my groovylicious night previously. Took a quick shower and meandered off for some shopping (must hit Vinmonoplet by 3pm or no vino for Karla all weekend) and managed to see everyone I knew while doing so. Unfortunately had not really checked self in mirror before I left flat and was looking a bit squiffy. Eyeliner from night before everywhere but on eyes. Oops, sorry guys!

Met up with friends last night for sushi and La Boheme. The sushi was awesome, the opera good but not as awe inspiring as the sushi. I've spent a large portion of my life telling everyone within ear shot how I don't like fish, but lately? Seems like fish is all I eat. Granted, I still harbor a grand disgust for smoked, canned or strangely preserved fish (herring or smoked salmon, eewww) and most crustaceans (too many icky legs and antenna, too much like bugs!) but give me a nice white fish or some tuna and I am a happy girl. Seems after last night I can add halibut, scallops and clams to that list. I am still a bit of a sushi weenie, though, as I don't do roe or raw eggs. Hey, I'm still learning. Give me time, I've gotten this far.

At some point today I will have a nice hot bath absolutely overflowing with unguents and good smelling youthifying agents, will give self a spa facial, and will indulge self in a nice stir fry for dinner. Life as a 'single' gal ain't bad, though I am a bit curious as to why the garbage is still in the kitchen, I thought it magically walked itself out. Oh, you mean husbands do that? Wow, how nice of them!

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