Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mind. Boggled.

Norway has just announced that it is giving 1 BILLION dollars over 7 years to Brazil to help save the rainforests.

In contrast, a quick google search tells me that 2.4 billion is spent every week by the US in Iraq.

Is it just me that feels a little sick thinking how much money the US is wasting for a war nobody wants when that money could be so much better spent? How easy would it be to spend 3.5 days' worth of Iraq money and match Norway's donation? Not to mention, the US economy is failing (and dragging down the rest of the world), people are dying from lack of health care and people are losing their homes daily....and we spend 10+ billion a month in Iraq. Mind. Boggled.

Norway's doing something right. Taking that oil money and doing good with it. I'm glad my (very high) taxes are going to causes I actually support. I don't mind paying the taxes if I get something for it (health care!) and if it is used for human(e) causes.

The US is pissing me off right now. The government sucks. GAH!

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