Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So many thoughts

I'm in Austin.


It just is home.

The drive to Austin was so much fun. The Prius is good on the road, it goes 80 and you don't notice how fast you are going. It's a bit slow to get started, but once it's going it's a swift little car. I used three gallons of gas to get to Austin. I filled up the tank which was almost empty, before I left Houston, and it took 8 gallons. And I did ALOT of driving in Houston. Pretty safe to say this car is saving me alot of money in gas. So going to Austin I just drove along and listened to Led Zep cranked(got the 'best of' cd) and reveled in being in Texas, on the road, in the country. I sort of got teary eyed when I saw some guys working on a fence, wearing cowboy hats and boots and just looking so Texas. Teary eyed from happy. Like, Ah Yes, I Am Home. I know this. I AM this.

Oddly comforting to know that I can come back and know that it is home, know that I belong, and know that it is a real and true part of me, this state and this place. It's not a figment, it's not me assigning some unwarranted value to a place that is all in my head. No. Texas is me, I am a Texan and it is where I have my roots, no matter how far they stretch when I am away.

Of course, being here, I am doing so much shopping that I am probably going to bring half of Texas home with me. I just keep finding awesome deals everywhere, totally scored at Last Call again today, the most gorgeous silk skirt, it's a showstopper, flowy silk charmeuse with a colorful butterfly print on cream, ankle length..Plus got some new glasses yesterday, just picked out frames at Lenscrafters (which I never had luck with) and had my current prescription copied, and it worked a treat. Voila! New glasses. Dolce and Gabban cat eyed frames, black. Not as strong as the Kirk Originals, but strong enough.

Stayed last night with my bud Julia and her partner Heather and my godson Griffin. Griffin is talking! Holy crap! When did that happen!? He's a cutey.

The hotel I am staying at is nice. I Pricelined it (I did that last time I came to Austin as well) and got a great deal. Priceline totally works if you research your options ahead of time. Works especially well in Austin, downtown doesn't have too many hotels and so you can make a good assumption that where you stay is going to be ok. Free wi-fi here if you join their points club.

Meeting Bookhart tonight, after first meeting with Po and his wife Mil. Can't wait to see everyone!

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