Wednesday, September 24, 2008

..And...I'm spent

OHMyfuggingGod I'm worn out.

I go to the States tomorrow and I have been running around like a crazy ass fool trying to get organized. Of course, all sorts of shit had to happen just as I was getting my head together about my trip, and none of it very good, so I am a leeetle bit stressed. Like....

...we got a letter a couple weeks ago about a meeting for the tenants of our building, about some work they need to do on the flats. As we get at least a letter a week notifying us of SOME sort of work that they need to do, we didn't worry about it too much.


I went to the meeting briefly and they handed me a plan of our flat, peppered liberally with little circles every few feet. I was all, 'What are the circles for?' and they are all, 'That's where we have to knock out the wall and check the girders and beams and possibly reweld them'.


We are going to have to MOVE OUT of our apartment for up to three months early next year so they can basically tear down the walls and fix every beam and girder in the whole fucking joint. Apparently the building was not built right. And they have to go back and fix it. And we, as renters, are fucked. Inconvenienced like nobody's bidness.

To say I am annoyed would be a mild understatement. I so had a Bad Norway Day yesterday. Between that, and a snafu with my vacation entitlement at work (basically don't get any as am on a new contract, a factor of miscommunication on both sides so no one to blame but strange Norwegian vacation pay system) and the fact that the wine store was closed when I REALLY TRULY NEEDED IT TO BE OPEN, I am kind of ready to have a Norway break. To add to that the complete and total rudeness of some of the people on the train this morning (I mean rudeness bordering on callousness) and my almost unbearable need for Mexican food, I am about ready to fly to Texas using my own arms. (Of course, the whole time I'm in Texas I'll be all like, 'Dudes, in Norway? We don't have George Bush. And in Norway? We can afford health care. Maybe can't afford chicken, but we can afford health care!')

I am packed and ready to go, people. Not that I have any clue what I packed, I was singularly unconcerned and just tossed in random shit. I'm afraid that when I open my suitcase in Houston I'll be all, 'What the fuck did I bring a snowsuit for?' Not too worried about it, however, as can buy whatever I need there. Because they have TARGET! And OUTLETS! And Gap! And department stores and the Galleria and all sorts of great places to shop!

And I get to see my Mom and my Dad and my brother and my husband and all my friends. I haven't seen some of my friends in over a year, and, come to think of it, same for my parents! Amazing how fast a year can go and you just don't realize how fast the time went.

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