Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm cold.
I'm wet.
I'm cranky.
The trains were all really late today, which meant I had to stand for over an hour, first waiting for the train and then again ON the standing room only train, my back protesting loudly and creakily with every minute.
A guy shoved me out of the way as I went to sit in a seat that had opened up. He could see my hunched over posture as I aimed for the seat, yet he still grabbed it and just looked at me with a bland face as I gave him the Evil Stare of Death.
The lateness of the trains made me miss my first appointment with the chiropractor, in which we were going to determine my course of treatment.
It poured down rain as I walked home from the train station and I got soaked.
No umbrella.

I'm not happy.

Only one cure for this.

Tortilla soup.

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