Friday, September 12, 2008

Mad Hot

I am watching season one of 'Mad Men' on dvd. I got it a couple of weeks ago from the US.
Oh. My. God.
Sure the stories are interesting, but what makes me really happy? Like, oh my God I have been WAITING for this, happy?
The curvy girl. Christina Hendricks?
If there is anything even remotely as smoking hot as her on tv ANYWHERE right now, I want to know. She is amazing. Big hot sexy with tits and hips and ASS. I LOVE her. I am SO goddamned happy to see a woman who looks like a WOMAN and not a stick figure on tv, I was stunned when I saw her the first time and I slavishly follow her appearance on every episode. She's confident and female and oh so lovely. She strikes a blow for every woman who is not a size zero and I am proud to have someone more like me on tv who is viewed as sexy. Cuz, dammit, I think I am sexy too, even if I am not a size 2.
I am going to totally wear tight pencil skirts from now on. And believe, me I got 'em. And I can work 'em just like she does. Viva la curvy girl! Shake that ass!

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