Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I think "variety" sounds better than "random shit cuz I really don't know what to write".

Anyhow. I'll just write about the day I had today.

I found out today when calculating my travel expenses, etc, for work that I've accidentally been riding the train every day this week with an expired month card. If the train cops had caught me I would have had a good fine to pay. I totally didn't realize my card was expired...I can't believe a whole month went that fast, but it did and I was riding the rails outlaw style for the last three days of it! I'm SUCH a rebel. Speaking of the train ride, there's this damned woman on the train in the mornings who stares at me non stop. Everyone tends to get on the same car on the same train in the mornings (creatures of routine) and she ends up in mine. And she JUST STARES. I really wish she'd quit it. Luckily she only rides for one stop (it's an express train) but it's unnerving to have someone stare at you quite that intensely for a 7 minute period. If she does it again tomorrow I am SO gonna make a face at her. That will probably make her stare more, though.

Things are hopping along at work. I've got some projects going that I have no idea how to achieve, including redoing a web page using software I've never seen before. Not to mention that I really don't know HOW to do a web page, but never mind, life is all about the lessons learned, right? Right. We got a new coffee maker on our floor, which doesn't seem like all that big a deal, until you SEE the coffee maker. It grinds the beans in the machine for each serving, gives you a choice of espresso or coffee right out of the machine, lets you set not only cup size but also coffee strength, and has a setting for how hot you want your milk. It's freaking AWESOME. I'm enthralled with it. I'm so hopped up on coffee every day now that I might have to restrain myself to two cups a day and then just hang around and watch other people make their coffee.....

The staring train lady was not on the ride home, thank god. How come the train home always takes twice as long than the train to work, even if it's the exact same route? I always wonder about that. It seems ENDLESS, while the morning one isn't even enough time for me to listen to one podcast....

After work I ran errands, as usual. It's not icy on the main sidewalks, but if you venture off, you will fall on your ass.

The grocery store had entrecote (basically rib eye steak) for 98 kroners a kilo, which is like, a bit less than $7 a lb., so I bought up a supply of it. That's is a SCREAMING good deal. I have to cut it into steak sized pieces myself, but for that price I am willing to put up with strangely sized steaks, yo'. They don't have food specials often here, but when they do they are really good. I am waiting for the chicken sale.....

Home now. Making Rich cut up one of the entrecotes for dinner. We will have it with Italian red wine and some asparagus. We are on a vegetable kick. Meaning that, I try to have at least three veggies with dinner. Tonight is asparagus, a salad and corn. And mushrooms. Ich liebe mushrooms.

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