Thursday, January 25, 2007


Badger and Bookhart both just did posts about things that annoy them.

Here's my two cents. Possibly, four.

Blogger. Blogger is pissing me off. I hate this new google log in system. I hate the fact that I have to use an email address to log in instead of just a user name as before. I also hate hate HATE those word verification thingies...I can never read them, they are way too long and they are a pain in the ass. Blogger is also still slow, and my blog is loading much slower than it used to so that annoys me as well.

Cold. It's really fucking cold outside. Like last night it was ZERO. FAHRENHEIT. That's fucking cold.
Ice. Ice goes with cold and I can't walk on it, so it pisses me off too.

Hair. Right now I am hating my hair. I spent, like, 1400 kroners today on getting highlights. I wanted blonde and copper in chunky streaks. I also wanted to have my grey covered...I seem to be sporting a grey streak right in the front of my scalp. Instead I got just sort of an overall red with no streaks, and the grey is still totally there. I should have just fucking gotten the 65 kroner box of Foxy Brown at H&M and done it would not have been very different.

People who don't say excuse me when they run into you or acknowledge your existence as they push past you. Also, bitch at Noa Noa today? Yeah, you? Um, maybe instead of reaching in front of me and shoving me out of the way because you wanted that shirt on that rack that I was standing in front of, you could have waited a half a fucking second or so for me to move on. Because, yes, I do exist and I am fairly trying to pretend I'm invisible WON'T work. Instead, it's gonna get you a very dirty look and a "tsk tsk".

The TV show "Ugly Betty" and the movie "Devil Wears Prada". While these are both great, entertaining and well written, I get very annoyed with normal, healthy women being referred to as fat.** Size 6 is NOT fat. Size 10 is NOT fat. Hell, size 14 is NOT fat. I'm so sick of this obsession with thinness. People come in many shapes and sizes and people need to accept and appreciate the beauty in being different. Not all of us are size 4, and I for one like having an ass and boobs and a sexy softness about me. Gives me something to shake on the dancefloor.

My knees. My knees are older than me. I was dancing last Friday night and the next day my knees were NOT happy.

Pretty much everything happening politically in the US, with the exception of Barak Obama, who is very impressive. I think I am most annoyed with people who are against something or have moral issues with something (abortion, gay marriage) and so want to make it illegal for EVERYONE. Why do I have to be imprisoned by your beliefs? Back off and let me go on with my life. You don't know me and have no right to tell me what to do if it has no bearing on your life. Thanks.

People who beg for money because they say they are hungry, so you offer them food, and they refuse it saying that they want money. Well then don't ask for money to buy food if what you really want is cash!

Socks. I am really sick of wearing socks.

So now I am going to take a chill pill, a hot bath and have a glass of wine. All at the same time.

**You go Tyra! Who might I add, is similar in height AND weight to me...which means I am a supermodel.....right?

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