Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow...in Texas!

It's snowing in Texas! Which, basically, is not quite a miracle? But almost?

Badger posted about it, as did pretty much every other blogger I know in Austin. Some are loving it, others (most of the people I know who blog, actually) are going a bit stir crazy. I mean, it HAS been four days of no work or school for most of them (Monday having been MLK day in the US) and from what I hear, kids start to get antsy by about, oh, Saturday at 10am?

It's just so funny to me that Austin is colder than Oslo right now and will be for a couple of days! With more snow! And ice! So, y'all come on up to Oslo for a bit of warmth and sunshine, ok?

HA hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Dammit. Spoke too soon. We are forecast for more snow tomorrow night. Well, we'll see. Maybe Austin can still beat us.

I still remember the snow of 1987, when I was in college, in Austin, living in the dorms. We all got lunch trays from the cafeteria and used them as sleds down the hill at the LBJ library. I remember that being a GREAT day. Honestly, I haven't sledded since then...guess I should do that this winter, huh?

The best thing about living somewhere that does not have winter weather is that when you DO have it, you make the most of it. Because you know it will be gone in a matter of hours and it won't happen again for years.

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