Saturday, January 27, 2007

One million and one things before 5pm

So tonight we are going to Rich's company's big New Year party. It's really the same as most people's annual Christmas party, except in late January, my theory being they have it because it's cheaper then. This is fine with me as it gives us something to look forward to in the winter doldrums. We get to dress up and they ply us with alcohol until we can't move, in true Norwegian hospitable tradition. It's always a good time. What's not to like?

Anyhow, I am all in a flutter as I have a million things to do to get ready for it. I will wear this dress, so at least I have that part figured out. But that is about ALL I have figured out. So, before 5 pm I must:

*Shave every available bit of myself that I have been ignoring as it's winter and who is gonna see my bare legs anyhow?
*Self pedicure.
*Self facial. Rinse. Repeat.
*Moisturize like crazy.
*Find contacts, put them in and get used to them.
*Self body scrub.
*Condition hair.
*Find way to mitigate the copper disaster of Thursday. Not possible..FUCK!
*Decide to wear hair up? Or down? Hate it either way and wear it same way as usual...big like all proud Texas gals.
*Makeup makeup makeup. Bemoan own suckage at applying eyeliner.
*Choose jewelry. Gold from Turkey? A necklace I made? Ropes of pearls?
*Figure out what to wear under and over very thin silk dress so that I can venture outside to catch train without literally freezing own tits off. Will probably have to wear leggings and boots under and remove upon arrival.
*Pack bag with things I might need, ie., cute shoes, eye drops, make up, glasses, aspirin, etc.
*Lose 10 lbs.
*Lose 10 years.

So that's what I need to do. Here's what I actually have been doing.

*Listening to iPod and dancing around house. new favorite song is a remix of a Goldfrapp song that so totally moves my ass, it's not even funny.
*Went to the local Turkish store and bought some Turkish cheese, Turkish delight, Turkish squash (no, I did not know they had their own squash either) and pomegranates. I do not know what I will make of these. Said thank you to the man at the cash register in Turkish. Was proud of myself, for about 1 second, until he started speaking Turkish back to me at a great speed, at which point I said thank you again and then left the joint with a sheepish grin.
*Made breakfast casserole for tomorrow in anticipation of hungover need for cheese, eggs and carbs.
*Got coffee at favorite coffee place.
*Got Boller at bakery. Nummy.
*Cleaned oven (yes, for real, what am I, a freak?)
*Cleaned microwave.
*Cleaned bathroom.
*Did two loads of laundry.
*Advised Rich on his wardrobe choices and sent him off to buy a new tie that did not have red stripes on it or look prep school. All his ties look exactly the same to me. It must be the male version of women's 100 pairs of black shoes.
*Did this blog post.

I will apparently do ANYTHING (clean the oven? Whafuck?) to avoid beautifying myself today. However, I will now get to it as I've run out of stuff to write about.....

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