Monday, January 29, 2007

things that happened Saturday night

My dress was a success. Though, I must admit, breasts tend to be an instant attention getter, both from guys (**eyes pop**) and women ("Wow what a dress! Aren't you cold?").

The hotel was quite cold, I never really warmed up all night. But then, what the hell was I thinking, basically wearing a silk slip in 20 degree weather in Norway?

Everyone looked very nice...I was impressed with the variety of lovely dresses and the men were all dashing.

The dinner was really tasty. I had scallops for the first time, and decided I like them.

The dessert was creme brule, and I had to fight Hannah for Mary's unwanted portion, but she was nice enough to offer to share it with me as a compromise so we did not have to stick forks in each other's necks. Hannah really likes creme brule, so I sort of think she would have taken my ass down had we not decided to share......

We were seated in the back of the dining the kitchen. I think our reputation had preceded us and they stuck us loud rowdies at the back . We were actually quite well behaved. For us.

I did not trip over my dress once. I was very proud.

I spilled a full glass of red wine all over me. Miraculously enough, it did not stain my dress, in fact it did not even show up on the dress. Which is really strange as it's red and black on a white background, and made out of silk. Oddly enough, the wine DID stain my underwear all to hell. I'm thinking that this dress is the perfect one for me...indestructible, comfortable, no bra necessary and versatile. Thank you Roberto Cavalli.

Mary broke her wrist on the dance floor. As far as I know, no one saw her do it.

I was pretty drunk, but not horribly so. I have a natural cut off ,where, when I start to feel a certain way, my body just WILL NOT accept any more to drink. I just can't do it. I don't know if it's a natural defense or yet another manifestation of my fairly moderate (as in, non-addictive) nature, but I rarely get so drunk I don't still have command over myself. In fact, as I like to say, I never do anything drunk I would not do sober, I just do it louder, better or with more fervor.

I had lots of fervor on Saturday night.

I had less fervor on Sunday.

And today? Today as I was gathering my vitamins this morning, an Omega 3 oil pill sort of broke and got fish oil all over my hand. Can I just tell you how absolutely HORRIBLE that smells? Oh my God, it's like dead fish that's been dead for three weeks, mixed with ass and grease and a bit of fish shit. And it's oily and it won't wash off. There's a hint of skunk there too. I have washed my hands about 700 times today and the smell did not go away until I chopped garlic for tonight's dinner. So now the fish stink is mitigated, but at the price of an eau d' garlic.


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