Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iTunes meme

Jaye made up this meme all by herself. I like it so I am doing it. Yes it's for iTunes but I bet if you use a different software you can use it too......tweak at will.

I don't tag anymore...but Dave, this sort of has you written all over it.

Open iTunes. Click the column header for "Play Count". What are the first five songs listed?
Black Sweat...Prince
Take Me To The Club...Mannequin
Word Up...Cameo

Click the column header for Last Played. What are the first 5 songs?
French Fries with Pepper...Morphine
Forbidden Love...Madonna
Faster than Light...Neil Finn
Fascination Street...Cure
Enjoy the Silence...Depeche mode

Click Party Shuffle. What are the first 5 songs?
Hypnotic Tango...My Mine (electronica from a dark wave compilation)
Throwing Shapes...Dirty Vegas
King Tide...Neil Finn
The other Side...Morphine
Oh La la...Goldfrapp

Click the column header Year. What are the first 5 songs from 1994?
Well, they are all from albums and show up in album order, so I will pick the first one from each album, how's that?

Supernaut...1000Homo DJ's (from the WaxTrax Black Box)
Body and Soul...Love and Rockets (Hot Trip to heaven)
Cuz It's Hot....Thrill Kill Kult
Closer to God (single) ...NIN (Downward Spiral)
Nobody's Fault but Mine...Page and Plant (No Quarter)

Click the column header My Rating. What are the first 5 songs?
I don't rate. Who's got time?

Finally, look at the bottom of your iTunes window. How many days of music do you have?
2.9 days.

BTW, if we look at the bottom of the Podcast page, I've got 6.8 days...I am podcast obsessed.

I brought my iPod speakers to work and it's certainly a nice touch to my office. I like to hear the podcasts in the background, without having to use the earbuds . I especially like listening to news from home, like from Austin, it's almost like being there. Except, of course, when they say it's like, 75 degrees outside and sunny, and I look out the window and it's dark and rainy here....
I've also brought in some smelly candles and some small bits of artwork that I like, and it feels homier in there now. Peole are actually coming into my office just to hang out, which is a complement? But it also drives me fucking NUTS because i actually have alot of work to do and I don't want to have to be rude and say, "Um, dude, don't you have any WORK to do? Because I sort of do and you are keeping me from it."
I;ve never been one to hang out at the office if I don't have work to do. I like to work, get shit done, and go home. I don't dawdle over lunch or anything like that. Work, get home. Home's more comfy and I can wear my jammies there.

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