Tuesday, January 02, 2007

THAT was an evening wasted

I thought I would do that new Blogger Two new layout thing... you know where it will let you upgrade your layout and it's supposed to be "simpler"?

Yeah, it's so simple it takes away all your choice.

I mean, I'm no html guru or anything, in fact, I know bubkus, but at least I've managed to tweak a few things on my blog by trial and error. The new layout thingy is easy to use, but if you need to tweak, say, side bar size or something, it's pretty near impossible to do. Especially when, as what happened to me, your Haloscan Commenting fucks up your sidebar widths and so they disappear when you enable the comments. So, I am left with a choice of having comments using haloscan, which I like for commenting and with which I have a long history, or not having sidebar items. All because of a width problem that I CAN'T FIX BECAUSE THERE IS NOT THE FLEXIBILITY ANY MORE!!!!!!

Shit! So if you came by here today and it looked different, it's because it was. But then I had to revert back to the old style because I couldn't fix the comment problem and don't feel like spending another two hours on it. Not now.....not tonight.


Back to some more pics tomorrow.

****Another hour and a half later*****Gah! I think I've got it fixed. This was not my first choice of template, but at least all the bits seem to be working together......whaddya think? A little travel-y looking, no?

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