Thursday, December 28, 2006

greetings from Tallinn, Estonia

If you are like me, you probably don't know much about the smaller of the formerly Soviet states. I still don't, actually but CAN tell you that Tallinn is gorgeous. Well, at least the old city is gorgeous. The rest of it is sort of 'eh', at least what I have seen.

The Old City is exactly what you imagine as a medieval city...houses with tall peaked roofs, pointy fronts, arched doorways and thick wooden doors. Cobbled streets meander in strange angles and the houses butt right up to them. The houses are all washed in soft colors and their walls are bumpy with the hint of stones and wood underneath the color. As it gets dark here as early if not earlier than in Norway, the candles are out in full force, and everything twinkles with the lovely just after Christmas glow.

It's ass cold and everyone and I do mean everyone is wearing hooded parkas, including, luckily, me. I like walking around in what is essentially a duvet. It's cozy. It's no colder than where we arrived from, so the cold does not bother me at all.

Laast night we went to a place called the Beer House and Big beers. Lots of beers, all yummy. (Note to Lee...nyah nyah, they had really good unpasteurized beer in 1 litre sizes, nyah nyah!) We ate at a restaurant situated in the bottom of an ancient Dominican monastery (1246 it was built) and the food was GOOD and cheap and the servers were all lovely and very very freindly. It was a local hangout, and so very good.

OK, Rich is giving me the evil eye that says "Get off the damned computer and get going" so I better go. If he doesn't get his breakfast he can be a real grump.....

Hopefully I can upload pictures some great shots of the main square at night...with the moon and everything!

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