Monday, December 04, 2006

lag of the jet

I'm back in Norway. I'm tired. It's already dark outside, and it's only 3:45 pm. The flight yesterday wasn't horrible, as the jetstream made it very quick, but it was fully and I do mean FULLY booked on both flights. So that sort of sucked. As did the fact that the flight attendants on Continental are the snippiest most wise-ass attendants on any airline EVER. And as I fly Continental fairly often, I know of what I speak. They obviously train them that it's ok to say any old thing to the passengers, that we are all idiots and cattle and so are to be treated as such, and they (the attendants) are obviously there for THEIR enjoyment and not ours. I am seriously considering not using (In)Continental anymore as I am really getting tired of the attitude.
One woman at check in gave me a lecture on why, even though all the airport signs said to use Terminal C for Continental travel, I actually needed Terminal E. She said this first thing as I walked up, didn't even say hello. Just started telling me what I did wrong. When I said that every sign said diffferent, she started in on me, saying in a didactic and very off putting voice, "Well, do you want your luggage to come to your end destination or to end up staying in Newark? If you want to have your luggage end up with you, use Terminal E". I had just had a teary eyed goodbye with my brother (my tears, his big hug) and told her that I really did not need her to treat me as if I had done something wrong when I was just following the posted airport signs, and she told me that I should be better informed next time and if I was really a frequent flyer, I should know better. Then she pointed at the machine and said, "Use that to check in" and just stood there staring at me. No offer of assistance or anything. Just lectures. Can you believe that bitch? I was furious. When I get furious unfortunately, I also get teary eyed, so that adds embarrassment to the whole thing. Luckily she had the sense to go somewhere else and another woman finished my check in process. Because I was about to open a can of whoop ass, like, seriously.

I'm also really surprised to be blogging right now, as I switched over to blogger beta today and UTTERLY fucked up the process. I thought my blog was gone forever.

But it's not! It's here! I can access it! I still have a viable internet presence!

Those 12 panicked "help me help me NOW!' emails I sent to google must've worked.

Thank God because I was really starting to worry about how I was going to procrastinate on unpacking if I could not blog.....

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