Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas post-facto

The big day is over. Today is the 26th. In the US that would be a big shopping day. In fact, last year, when I worked at a mall shop in Austin, the day after Christmas was GRUELING as it was SO much busier than the days BEFORE Christmas. I thought I would DIE.

But here? Shops are still closed. So, that's the 24th, 25th, and 26th where nothing was open. It seems unimaginable if you aren't in it, nothing being open? But when you are in it, it's nice...it's like, three days where you CAN'T do anything so you DON'T.

So we've done a whole lotta nuthin'. 'Xcept eatin'. Turkey, 7 layer dip, roasted veggies, ham, more veggies, salad, strawberry shortcake, pumpkin soup, homemade boller (I need some practice on those, they are not as light as the ones I buy). Etc. Alot of food over three days. Plus I splurged on a really nice bottle of Amarone Tommassi...the best wine I ever had was a bottle of Amarone Tommassi and I ADORE that wine. Sort of expensive though, so definitely a special occasion sort of thing.

Rich did good for me this year, Christmas wise. I don't think it's any surprise that he is a typical guy when it comes to present-giving. Usually he manages to not get anything for the day, and after I pout, he pulls something out, like, a week later. Something I circle, like, five times in a catalogue or whatnot. (And please note, boys: To most women, it's NOT the gift, it's the THOUGHT. The idea that he spent time thinking about me and what I like, that's what's important to me, and why I am upset when I get bubkus.)

This year he redeemed himself royally. (He did try really hard to say we'd get each other something in Tallinn, where we go this week, but I ix-nayed that idea.) He got me some good smelling bath salts, and a cute jokey travel pack of items from Dirty Girl, and a really cool basalt Buddha head (we collect them, now, it seems) AND he got me the coolest speakers for my iPod. They are rechargeable, or they can be plugged in, and they sound really good and they are small enough to be totally portable as well. By Logitech...they ROCK. So now I can jam w/ the Pod sans earplugs! Woo! What really makes me happy is that he THOUGHT about it, and totally scored. He's SO set a precedent for future years.....

Oh, and fyi? Rich just went down to storage and got out the suitcase he planned to use? Yeah...don't EVER buy luggage from WalMart. This is the THIRD suitcase that we have had fall apart from there. And I don't mean old suitcases, or roughly used ones...I mean ones that are less than one year old, that just exploded into sharp bits of plastic and torn fabric. I used to get them there, cheap, to bring back stuff I bought in the States, but NO MORE. Now, if I need one, which I seem to do to replace the crap from WalMart, I get decent luggage, and have found that TJ Mazz has awesome luggage at great prices. Sure, more than Walmart, but I'd rather spend $80 on a suitcase and use it alot than spend $40 on one and use it once. By the time you replace it with another cheapie, you've spent the $80 you would have on the good luggage.

Trust me on this...don't go the cheap route on luggage. Gah.

I'll report from Tallinn later this week....

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