Tuesday, December 19, 2006

crazy lady on the train

Yesterday I downloaded a Wanda Sykes album off iTunes. I listened to it on the train and during some errands today. She's so frigging funny I kept busting out laughing. I mean, that woman is HILARIOUS. People were looking at me like I was crazy while I snorted and giggled and guffawed. (I have always loved the word guffaw and am very pleased to have used it just now.)

Then a David Bowie song came on that Karla May said reminded her of me called "Everyone Says Hi". It's about someone moving away and, well, everyone says hi. That song made me sad and so I got teary eyed.

And so there I am, in the space of like 5 minutes, going from busting out laughing to almost crying, and I'm all alone. On a train. No wonder no one ever sits next to me. I'm insane.

I might have to ban myself from listening to the iPod while on the train. It's too emotional.

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