Friday, December 15, 2006

six freaks over Texas

As already done by Jaye, La Turista and Karla May, I hereby present Six Freaky Things About Myself.

1) I have Sneeze Hairs. One on my right eyebrow and one on the left front of my head, just above my temple. If you pull those individual hairs just right, I will sneeze. Just bust out and sneeze. Someitmes I pull 'em just for funnsies, because I *like* to sneeze. (That's almost a freak and a half, if you ask me.)

2) I am more concerned with texture than taste as far as food is concerned. No cooked fruit, no smooth with lumps, no "mealy" fresh fruit (it needs to be underripe and crunchy), no slimey anything or things in aspic. Yoghurt I will eat if I can stir it round and have a good look at it. No chowders or anything like that. (For that matter, seafood can be really risky for me in general. See number three.) I just don't trust food with lumps that I can't identify.

3) I have a stark fear of anything with more than four legs (and bird feet. Hate bird feet.) This means no crustaceans, insects, spiders or anything with an exoskeleton. I do eat shrimp, but only because I've been eating those since before I could associate fear with them....but don't give them to me with heads or I run away. Oddly enough, I am NOT afraid of snakes.

4) I have oddly strong and long toes, and used to be able to hold a beer with them, while seated, and then drink from it. This was in college. I don't do it anymore. It's not ladylike. I can still pinch with my toes, to the point that it can cause a bruise. Pinchy Toes is a thing to be feared in my family.

5) I have almost perfect color recall and can match colors by memory. This comes in handy when doing paint colors. I also do not need to measure things to recall length. This used to piss off one of my bosses when I did visual merchandising because she would spend all this time measuring walls and marking down measurements, and I could just eyeball it and get it right every time. She never did believe that I did not measure...she thought I lied about it. It sure saves me time arranging furniture and hanging pictures. I can just look at something and tell you if it's right.

6) I never make "to do" lists and even though I've tried keeping a calendar, it never really gelled with me and felt slightly pretentious. I prefer to just remember my appointments and lists of things to do. A written list is just one more thing I have to keep track of. Anyhow, I can fairly honestly state that I always manage to show up for whatever I've appointed myself for on time.

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