Tuesday, December 05, 2006

DANGIT! also, DVD-palooza

I got up at noon today.

I HATE that. The darkness outside coupled with the sleeplessness and me getting up at 3 am for a cup of tea and then going back to bed and then not waking up again until noon....HATE IT. Day wasted already.


Anyhow, to keep me entertained during this time of hibernation, I brought back the following DVD's:

My Name is Earl, season one
Scrubs, Season 4
The Office (American version), seasons 1 & 2
Six Feet Under, season 5 (been DYING for that one)
How I Met Your Mother, season 1 (no idea, looked cute)
The Libertine**
The Notorious Bettie Page
Ghostbusters 1&2 (I know, I KNOW!)

If you think I am bad, Rich completely geeked out and got the Star Trek Geek Box (the original Star Trek in those plastic lunch box looking containers?), all the BattleStar Galactica he could get his hands on, Star Wars 1-3 (and by "1-3" I mean the REAL ones where each dvd has the original movie theatre version we all love as well as the fucked up later Luca-vision version), The Fifth Element, The Day After Tomorrow, Dune and a bunch of other sci fi stuff. (Dude, he IS a geek! Oh my GOD!)

So please excuse me as I warm up my remote finger and get going on the first of my series, "My Name is Earl".

No, Grant, you can't borrow them til we are done.....you neither, Jennifer LL!

***If you have not seen "The Libertine", just get up, go get it somewhere, and watch it. It is the single most riveting performance of Johnny Depp's I have ever seen. He is a brilliant, flawed, intense, depraved character and you cannot take your eyes off him. AND if the very first scene in the movie does not give you a warmth in your nether regions, just him talking, and I don't care WHAT sex you are, you ain't got no genitals. Aw yeah, Johnny, I'm up for it too......

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