Wednesday, December 13, 2006

things I was going to write about....

I had a whole mental write-up of what I was going to blog this morning when I was on the train. I should probably bring my computer and do little mini-posts in something like Word and then save it for posting later. But I never do that and so all the clever things I think of to write just disappear into the ether of my brain.

It included the guy waiting for the train wearing a Santa hat and drinking a beer (at 9:30am...Bad Santa?) and the lady sitting next to me wearing the most amazing pair of shoes from circa 1978...complete with that wierd Brazilian leather we always used to wear and HUGE brown wedge heels. Round toes...70's swooshy decor molded into the ghetto-fab squashy plastic heels.

Then I got to work and forgot all about blogging as it has been non-stop- balls- to- the- wall- don't- even- have- time- to- pee craziness. This is made harder by the fact that I don't have a phone yet in my office and everyone is like "please all me ASAP!" and I have to either run down to their office or find an office with a phone and then make the calls. Plus the printer is also a floor down, so that makes things aerobic as well. I am getting plenty of stair time and am dropping weight like crazy just trying to keep up. I ate a boller and two mini Twix snacky bars today. Oy.

So today I just worked and worked and never got away from the computer....except when I was StairMastering. I got alot done but I am not even near to digging myself out of the shit pile. I almost got sent to Trondheim to courier one guy's passport to him...things are just insane and we are to the point where even FedEx is not fast enough.

However, this is all making me sleep really well and last night I slept like a ROCK. I didn't even hear the alarm this morning and only woke up when Rich yelled "Bye!" this morning. (His way of also saying "wake the fuck up lazy bones!".)

Now I'm at home after working late. Late in Norway is 5:30. I picked up a couple of chicken schwarmas for dinnner (cook? tonight? don't think so) and the Simpsons is on.

Right now Friday is looking good. I can go the pub, have my biffsnadder (slso known as Norwegian Trucker food, it's just sauteed beef strips with fries and bearnaise sauce, but it's addictive and yummy as hell) and a beer or two and chill out with the boys.

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