Wednesday, March 22, 2006

pictures of where I am going

A while back, Colleen, my mother in law (one of two, I am lucky that I have two such cool women in my life. Rich's Mom lives in Pennsylvania) sent some pictures of her flat in Bangkok and some street scenes. I thought I'd post them, to start the travel on the blog and get my head into where I am going TOMORROW!

I am sure my postings will be sporadic for the next month. I am bringing my iBook, iPod and digital camera (oy), but won't bring the computer into some of the more exotic places. Colleen has broadband in her flat, so I should be able to keep updated when I am there. Be patient. I'll do my best.

This pig is not dead. Just sort of trussed. If this is how I had to bring home the bacon, I don't think I'd be eating much of it.

Living room of Colleen's flat. It's on the 39th floor!

Guest bedroom. Or maybe it's her room. I'm not sure.

View from the 39th floor.

Maybe this is the guest room? Or a corner of the living room? It's great, isn't it?

Colleen, doing her daily grocery shopping.

OK now I am now getting on with my last full day here.

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